How To Detox Naturally At Home

There are many reasons why you might want to detox your system. In this blog, I usually write about drug testing related stuff, but this time its slightly different. You can be health related issues, you might want to detox your system to speed up your diet, to repair your metabolism, or because you want to pass your drug test without cheating with synthetic urine, detox drinks or Certo.

How To Detox: Step by Step

The first and most important thing is you must stop taking drugs! Besides drugs, you must also stop smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, sugary drinks, sodas and you should also give up on coffee. It might sound tough, but these steps are essential if you want to release toxins from your body. You probably know that marijuana, the most harmless drug stays in your system the longest, it’s very unfair, but there is nothing we can do. Marijuana stays in your urine for up to 2 weeks (it depends on many factors, such as age, sex, metabolism, body type, smoking habits, etc), 2-3 days in your saliva and for up to 90 days in hair.

Obviously, we can not get rid f THC from our hair, by doing a detox, but it’s possible to get weed out of your urine within a couple of days if you do everything properly.

Drink Water!

The next step would be the water intake. It’s very important to drink as much water as possible because it’s not just healthy, and good for your body, but it also helps flushing toxins out of your system. Drinking water is the most important step of every single detox program, whether you are trying to pass a drug test or lose weight. I am not a doctor, so I do not want to give medical advice, but I Would say 3 gallons of water a day would be perfect. Always drink still water, without gas. You want to take your detox to the next level, you can add some lemon to your water or a few drops of apple cider vinegar.

Eat Healthily

You probably know, junk foods, red meats and all kind of sugary foods are your enemies. Even if you are preparing for a urine test, you still should skip all of these. All kind of processed foods is unhealthy and very bad for your body. Instead of red meat, eat white meats, or if you can, do not eat meat at all. Meat is not essential to your diet, you can replace it with veggies, soy, beans, and tofu. Try to eat as many vegetables as you can, even if you finished your detox program, you should still keep this habit. Anything green is good for your body, fruits are also great, but try to find something with a lower sugar level. Mango, banana, and peach are high in sugar, you should avoid them.

How to get weed out of your system

Do Sports And Sweat

It’s not something new either, sweating helps to release toxins from your system, especially because THC is stored in our fat cells. During your detox, do some sports every single day, the more you sweat the better. During sports drink as much water as you can to speed up your detox as much as you can. Visiting a steam bath is also a great idea, some people do not like it, but it’s very beneficial for your body. Do these 4 steps during your detox program and you will get rid of toxins much faster than you would ever expect it.


If you want to get rid of THC even faster, I recommend you to take some Toxin Rid. It’s the strongest, highest quality detox pill brand that you can buy for a drug test. It’s not cheap, but if you can take it for 4-5 days before your test, you will speed up your detoxification by up to 50%. It’s not cheap, the 1-day program costs around 60$ (not recommended) and the longest, 10-day program costs 189$. I know its a lot of money for some pills, but this product really works. I have used it twice in the last few years, and I was completely clean after only 4 days!