Detox Drinks Vs Detox Pills

As I said in my previous post, synthetic urine is the best way to pass a urine drug test, without taking much risk. But in some cases, fake pee is not an option. It might be a supervised test, which means someone will stand behind you and watch you pee. There are special urinating devices, but I wouldn’t recommend them, way too risky. Some people are not comfortable using synthetic urine (don’t know why, hehe), there are also some people who want to get clean permanently and not just passing the test.

Difference Between Cleansing Drinks And Detox Pills

Synthetic urine is out of the question, so you have two options, using detox drinks or detox pills to pass a drug test. If I want to sum up the difference between them is, detox pills clean your system permanently, but it takes a couple of days, sometimes over a week. Cleansing drinks or we can call them detox drinks, mask toxins in your system, so you can produce a “clean” sample for a couple of hours. Detox drinks require 1-2 hours of preparation, but other than that, it’s instant. If synthetic urine doesn’t work, then detox drinks are the fastest way to pass a urine drug test.

When To Use Detox Drinks

If you want to pass your test asap and getting clean is not important for you, then detox drinks are a perfect solution. There are many bad quality brands on the market, but some minimal research you can find out what are the best detox drinks for a drug test.

Forget about Magnum, Stinger, Champ Flush out and Qcarbo, these brands are far from good. If you need to choose one from these, then Qcarbo might be the best choice. If you prepare you can order a high-quality detox drink such as Mega Clean, Ultra Eliminex or Rescue Cleanse. These drinks are all over 50$, more expensive than other brands, but quality comes with a price.

Using detox drinks for a drug test is relatively easy. Every brand has slightly different instructions, but it usually looks like this: Drink the content of the bottle 3 hours before the test, urinate, refill the empty bottle twice, drink it, try to urinate twice. These drinks contain some vitamins so your pee will look healthy, it won’t be diluted. That’s it, using cleansing drinks is easy as a pie.

detox drinks for drug test

Marijuana Detox Pills

Getting completely clean and detox your system for a drug test is hard. It’s not easy to clean weed metabolites from your body, the whole process requires several lifestyle changes and also the use of detox pills. Using detox pills to get clean might work alone, but the process takes much longer if you are serious about detoxing your system for a drug test than you can not skip any steps. It’s important to give up processed foods, red meats are also bad.

Eat fiber-rich foods, the more veggies the better. Drink as much water as possible, this is probably the most important thing that you should consider when you are detoxing your system. Forget about sodas and sugary drinks, they are your worst enemies.

Best detox for drug test

Drink green juices as much as you can, spinach, broccoli, kale all kind of greens are good for your body, and they will speed up the detox. Please note, do not buy these juices in supermarkets, make them yourself and use as many veggies and fruits as you can, the possibilities are endless.

You should also do exercise, anything that makes you sweat is good. Do it every day, drinking lots of water and sweating is a great combo to get THC out of your system. During your detox do not consume alcohol, coffee and do not use drugs!

The best detox pill for a drug test is called Toxin Rid. If you check out some detox pills reviews, you will see it has a great reputation. These pills can speed up your detoxification by up to 60%. So that’s it, in my next article I will write about hair drug testing and how to pass one, the safest way.