Detox Drinks For Drug Test: Do They Really Work?

In my previous post, I mentioned a few home remedies for a drug test that don’t work. Some have not so bad (50-60%) success rate, but it’s still far from good. In this post, I will talk about using detox drinks for a drug test. What are detox drinks, how they work and how can you utilize them to pass any urine test (even if its a strict supervised 12-panel drug test)?

How THC Detox Drinks Work

There are many different detox drink brands on the market, as you probably guessed most of them are useless, they are just colored water with some added B12 vitamin and fiber. Their instructions are all the same, stay abstain from drugs as long as you can (preferably 5-7 days), eat healthy, drink plenty of water (and pray).

These companies basically tell you to detox naturally and on the day of the test drink, even more, water to flush the remaining toxins from your body then drink their „detox drink” and it will make your piss look normal…It will have a healthy yellows color, won’t be diluted from too much water.

If you want to take this route you can do it without detox drinks, just stay away from weed, eat healthy fiber-rich foods, exercise regularly and drink a few gallons of water every day. On the day of the test take some B12 vitamin, drink a gatrored or something and you should be good.

However, In reality, it’s usually not enough, unless you are a very light smoker with light body weight without having any body fat. If you are a regular guy and you smoke a couple of times a week, you will fail. A few days of natural detox not going to flush drug metabolites from your system. Your best bet is to bu a high-quality detox drink and follow the instructions to the T. If you do that, I can guarantee your success.

Recommended Detox Drinks For Drug Test

There are a few detox drink on the market that is pretty good. We can also them cleansing drinks, detox drinks for weed or marijuana detox drink, they all do the same and they work for ALL drugs not just for marijuana.

My recommended brands are :

Rescue Cleanse 32Oz – This detox drink is excellent, it works every time. The manufacturer is Clear Choice, they are the maker of the best synthetic urine brand: Sub Solution.  I have used both Rescue cleanse and Sub Solution countless times and they never let me down. Rescue Cleanse costs only $55 so its a real bargain.

See what others say about Rescue Cleanse:

Rescue Cleanse works!! Just left my probation office and took a piss test and passed!! First, you must stop at least 1 day/24hours from smoking or using and drink at least a gallon of water the day before your test.

Whenever your test is making sure you do this 2 and a half hours before you go take the test. My test was at 9:30 am so I woke up at 7 am and started the process. I drink 20 ounces of water first wait 20 min then drink Rescue Cleanse. Then simply every 20 min that goes by drink 20 ounces of water. You will piss constantly. Make sure you pee at least 5-10 times before you go in. You don’t have to force yourself to pee it will happen by itself. The last 20 min before the test I was thinking maybe I should take some vitamin pills because my urine might look diluted, but in the end, I didn’t take anything.

Went to the probation with all faith in Rescue Cleanse and GOD and Passed with a solid line for negative. I smoked a blunt 2 days before I took the test and still passed. I’m roughly 180 pounds and 5 feet and 6 inches. If you do the steps correctly you will pass!!

I got this message on my facebook account, Actually, I got a shitload of messages, but I just wanted to share wone. Rescue cleanse works, period.

detox drinks for drug test

Other Two Marijuana Cleansing Drinks I Recommend:

There are two other brands that are also good, one of them is Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex $80 the other one is Mega Clean+ Toxin Rid detox pills combo for $69. Both of these detox drinks work, however they do the same as Rescue Cleanse and they both costs more. Herbal Clean and Detoxify have many detox products I think these two detox drinks are their absolute best, I wouldn’t bother trying anything else.

They are both available in Walmart, however, I wouldn’t recommend taking Mega Clean without Toxin rid detox pills, you really need those pre rid pills to get relatively clean and then the detox drink can do the rest. Do not rely on Mega Clean alone as I have heard some failed with it in the past.

If you have a spare day or two, visit test negative and order a bottle of Rescue Cleanse or synthetic urine and you are good to go, if its an emergency situation, head to Walmart and buy Ultra Eliminex. In the last 24 hours exercise as much as possible and drink plenty of water.

That’s it guys, In my next article, I will talk about how to use synthetic urine for a drug test. Why fake pee is the best and safest choice and what are the common mistakes to avoid.