Home Remedies For Drug Test

There are many home remedies for a drug test, most of them don’t work at all, some are actually dangerous, but very few of them can be useful. The reason why people turn to home remedies because they are cheap and because the ingredients are usually easily available in any local store. Home remedies and household products for a drug test are usually used when you have a drug test on short notice and for any reason, you didn’t prepare for it properly.

So you get freaked out and it in the last minute you start searching for home remedies to pass a urine test, the most popular home remedies for a drug test are:

  • The Certo drug test method
  • Baking Soda Method
  • Cranberry Juice or Apple Cider
  • Azul Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Niacin
  • Potable Aqua pills
  • Drinking bleach and so on…(the list is quite long)

The Certo Drug Test Method

The truth is none of these methods are safe and there is no scientific evidence that any of them would work 100%. The best success rate the Certo drug test method has, but it still quite unsafe. I know over 15 guys who have failed with Certo. I would say it has a 50% success rate, so it is like flipping a coin. If you have no other option left, do try this method and pray!

You will need two bottles of water, two pack of Certo and one Gatorade. You can check the instructions on youtube, there are millions of videos about this method, the funny thing is they are all given different instructions, so good luck for using it for a drug test.

Home Remedies That Help You To Pass A Drug Test

There are some home remedies that are actually helpful during your detox, but none of them are enough alone to get you through a drug test. These methods are the: cranberry juice method, green tea, and Palo Azul These are all diuretics, they will speed up detoxing in your system, but not significantly. Use these methods as a part of your detox routine, but do not rely on them entirely. Green Tea and Palo Azul Tea are actually very healthy everybody knows that, but hey…do you really think that drinking a few cups of tea will clean your system permanently so you can pass a modern drug test?

Certo drug test method

Dangerous And Stupid Home Remedies

Using niacin for a drug test is just stupid, niacin is a medicine, its serious stuff, you can not just take medicine randomly without a doctor’s prescription. None of the niacin methods specify the amount you should take and there is no evidence that it would work, honestly guys it makes no sense, would you rather drug yourself instead of paying 50$ for a professional detox drink that guarantees your drug test success? A bottle of synthetic urine that actually works (I will talk about this in my next article, costs around 40, the most expensive one cost 100$, I don’t think it’s a huge amount, especially when your job (or even your freedom) is on the line.

I also mentioned stupid methods…I got this message on my facebook, I will copy and paste it here and you can decide:

„FYI Aqua-Tech Activated Carbon Charcoal Guaranteed to pass a piss test for probation instant drug screen. It’s in the fishbowl cleaning section of Wal-Mart for only $7 for a big bucket of it. But it ain’t no chemical or anything it’s just Activated Charcoal which is actually said to be good to consume in your body and doesn’t have a taste.

But they are little charcoal pebbles and pretty easy to swallow. 3 teaspoons of that 3-5 bottles of water piss 2 times just to be safe and I 1,000% guarantee you will pass for opiates and meth and all that shit. Only thing I’m not sure of is a weed because it’s in your fat cells but it should work.

Believe me or not but I’m on bond stipulation and have to report weekly and relapsed on heroin after 10 months clean and I have not failed 1 drug screen since I been doing this and I did an half G yesterday last line at 9 pm last night and passed my piss test at 8:20 am this morning. I did it at 6 am this morning and was good at 8 am. „

So if you would like to risk your freedom with aqua pills then oke, you can do it, however, I wouldn’t recommend it. Like I said it’s relatively easy to pass a drug test with synthetic urine, detox drinks, and detox pills. In my next article, I will review these methods and also give you some suggestions.