Medial Use Of Certain Drugs

It may sound strange when someone tells you that some drugs have a medicinal use or value. But yes, there are some medicinal value but if used as prescribed. The same drugs we usually say are illegal can be used and misused at the same time.

I Am sure before some of you think am crazy, but it is true. In fact in 21 states in the USA have made some illegal drugs legal which is a clear indication that they are not harmful after all but with proper use as prescribed by the doctor they can have medicinal use.

Marijuana for opoid addiction
Marijuana or famously known as Pot this is the most widely used illicit drug. Apart from being an abused drug, it has medical benefits. Cannabis  has been used to control relieve chronic pain,  stimulate appetite, prevent PTSD, combat cancer , relieve intra-ocular pressure associated with glaucoma, treat opioid dependence and improve the symptoms of Crohn’s disease.

Cocaine for anesthesia.
Cocaine comes from the coca plant. It is known for being the drug used to stimulate, but it has a health benefit. During surgery it is used for has that rapid numbing property. When combined with other compounds into a preparation called TAC, cocaine can also treat minor skin lacerations.

Magic mushroom for depression and alcoholism

Magic Mushrooms contains psilocybin which produces vivid hallucinations, even when consumed in small quantities. When you take in minimal amounts of psilocybin, can relieve cluster headaches, obsessive-compulsive disorder and also enhance the memory of a person it is also prescribed to alcoholics when being rehabilitated.

Heroin for Opiate Addiction
The majority of opiate addicts don’t use heroin. They use pharmaceutical opiates to self medicate psychiatric conditions. This usually leads to addiction of opiates. Such patients are most likely to use other drugs like pot or alcohol to try to control their symptoms.

Ecstacy for destroying cancer cells
Ecstasy is a synthetic compound that produces hallucinations, feelings of emotional warmth and high levels of energy. On the better side of it is it contains robust anticancer properties, particularly for leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma. Research shows that with a slight modification of the drug it can be  100 times more potent at destroying cancer cells is this loving, leaving a cancer-free life after being diagnosed because of a dangerous hallucinogen.

Ketamine for Bipolar Disorder
Although ketamine is not entirely banned, it’s still strictly regulated and is used primarily as a sedative.ketamine can also be used as a treatment for children with bipolar disorder.
Ketamine shows immediate improvement in their symptoms, and that the improvements can last for almost two weeks after one stops using ketamine.


The same drugs we usually think are harmful and bad have medicinal value. It is much clear now that drugs can be used for the better. Drugs have medicinal value but with proper prescription and supervision.